utorok 21. mája 2013

Schmuck Wander at VivArt! Festival

VIVART! Festival ’13
-Celebration of creativity-

The VIVART Festival will be held between 25 May and 2 June 2013. The event offers programmes during one week and two weekend and different kind of programmes, actions, performances will be entered to the public. 

"Our objective is to make accessible different culture to the others especially in a specific area of Budapest. Our aim also is to make our project as a model for other areas/districts to re-think, re-filled those area also with creative tools. We are intending to operate in a complex content by bringing together people who are eager to find a venue where they can express themselves and exchange their ideas. All of our programmes will work with international groups of creative people to facilitate dialogues and to exhange cultural experiences. It combines art and interculturality to reaches different audiences and an alternative view of today’s urban realities. It is exploring public space (district of 6 and 7) and its relationship with local communities, focusing on public ownership. This event is a potential to start a series of programmes and to reach a new approach which could stimulate other programmes. All qualities / heritage / talent is an integral part of the culture, so that each collaboration can serves as a clip between public participation, and the younger generation."


Schmuck Wander kiállítás

 25. 5. - 2.6. 2013

opening 26. 5. 2013 at 6 pm  

ISKOLA: 1061 Budapest, Hegedű utca 3




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